Shammika Munugoda

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"Legacy is greater than currency"

Boomeringo is a Melbourne based FinTech startup focused on helping people easily track and manage their personal finances. It is a secure platform that consolidates all of your finances into one dashboard, so that you can see all your finances in one spot – including your bank account, credit card and loan.

The R&D Tax incentive has enabled Boomeringo to push the boundaries of our project and create more innovative solutions based on measurable results. Highly recommend R&D Tax Incentive to anyone who is working on a research and development based project.

After trying out various different providers of R&D Tax Incentive, we found Nifty R&D to be the most convenient, simple and most cost effective tool for our young startup. The people behind Nifty R&D are very knowledgable and always willing to help with your queries.

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