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"The feeling when that cash arrives in your bank account is UNBELIEVABLE!!"

Breaking down retail barriers, Set That is an engaging social hub that makes online shopping easier, rewarding and more inspiring. Offering an exciting new way to shop, fabulous products from around the globe are displayed in curated sets to inspire users with styled outfits, updated looks for rooms, or fabulous presents they can give.

In a rapidly changing retail landscape, the R&D Tax Incentive has provided us with the cash to trial new and exciting ideas around peer recommendations in the digital commerce space being explored by bloggers and other social sharers. Without that cash injection from the ATO, we would struggle to fund specific projects.

With Nifty R&D, any entrepreneur can quickly gain feedback on whether their start-up qualifies for the incentive. The Knowledge Base answers the questions that arise and provides great guidance for each step. I would strongly recommend any technology based startup to spend 45 minutes to complete the process. The feeling when that cash arrives in your bank account is UNBELIEVABLE!!

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