Nifty R&D 50% Discount Offer - May-June 2017

Submit your R&D Tax Incentive project for FY17 R&D activities early and save

Did you know you can claim the R&D Tax Incentive more than once? And you can fast track the assessment by submitting your project by 30 June 2017 with Nifty Forms?

You can submit your FY17 project details to Nifty Forms now. We’ll have a PwC R&D specialist review it before the financial year ends and once you provide your finalised financials, we can lodge your claim and and you'll be first in the queue with the regulator in July.

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Special discount for May-June only - 50% off service fee

Further incentive to submit early with Nifty Forms is our 50% off service fees for claims submitted before 30 June 2017. This is the highest discount we’ve ever offered - with fees starting from $499!

  • If your R&D spend was between $20k - $50k, Nifty service fee is now reduced to $499
  • If your R&D spend was between $51k - $250k, Nifty service fee is now reduced to $1,499
  • If your R&D spend was between $251k - $500k, Nifty service fee is now reduced to $2,999

Submit and pay early to save

Submit your project details for FY16-17 (1 Jul 2016 - 30 Jun 2017) in Nifty Forms, have one of our R&D specialists review for eligibility free of charge and if deemed eligibile, pay prior to 30 Jun 2017.

To take advantage of this limited time only saving, you’ll need to:

  1. Allocate approximately an hour to submit the following information in your Nifty Forms R&D project claim form:
    • Detailed technical information about your R&D project
    • Your company structure
    • Year to date company expenses*
  2. Submit and pay for your claim by 30 June 2017
  3. Have a PwC R&D specialist prepare your claim
  4. Provide your finalised financial statements from your accountant after 1 July 2017
  5. Confirm and lodge claim to receive your R&D benefit, fast-tracked!

*Once your accountant has finalised your financial statements for FY16-17 tax period you will need to attach these to your project in Nifty Forms so we can lodge your claim.

Terms and conditions

  • Your claim must be submitted for an R&D specialist to review and assess eligibility to claim prior to 30 Jun 2017
  • The Nifty service fee must be paid on or prior to 30 Jun 2017 to take advantage of the discount
  • The discount is not valid for our Write My Claim service
  • Prior to commencing your claim in Nifty and submitting to receive the discount, you must have a phone discussion with an R&D specialist to confirm eligibility
  • R&D Tax Incentive is available to eligible companies on an annual basis with a claim able to be lodged where it meets all AusIndustry eligibility criteria. Claims can only be finalised and lodged once all project information has been collected, after the claim period has ended. For example, for FY17 R&D projects, a claim cannot be lodged before finalised financial statements have been provided and any estimated R&D expenses have been adjusted and confirmed.
  • Nifty reserves the right to decline any submissions and discounted service fees in the case that the claim is not deemed to be eligible by AusIndustry and the ATO's standards.

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