What kind of records do I have to keep?

Recommendation to maintain R&D project records

We recommend that companies applying for the R&D Tax Incentive include a process of maintaining and storing all documentation related to the R&D project.

In the case that you were to receive a request for an audit from the ATO or AusIndustry, you will need to have all related project information on hand.

The records you should maintain and store

It is broadly recognised that the majority of small to medium businesses don't maintain time sheets. You do need the ability to prove that your R&D project and activities have occurred, but this can be achieved in a few different ways:

  • Notes from meetings with the team working on your R&D project

  • Business plans, information memorandums, investor pitch decks

  • Collection of material from background research and scoping

  • Technical documents, including the results of testing on the product, idea or service

  • Notes and updated records to track the progress of your R&D project

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